[ /kɔʊld/ ]
  • NounColdness

Synonyms for Cold

Antonyms for Cold

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  • * a cold climate

  • * a cold and unaffectionate person

  • * cold logic

  • * stale news

  • * cold fingers

  • * had her lines cold before rehearsals started

  • * come in out of the cold

  • * if you are cold, turn up the heat

  • * in cold blood

  • * a cold impersonal manner

  • * dogs attempting to catch a cold scent

  • * was cold to his advances

  • * a cold response to the new play

  • * a cold audience

  • * the boxer was out cold

  • * a cold unfriendly nod

  • * moth-eaten theories about race

  • * a cold beer

  • * the coldness made our breath visible

  • * cold-blooded killing

  • * insensate destruction

  • * pass out cold

  • * cold is a vasoconstrictor

  • * the cold helped clear his head

  • * a cold room

  • * a frigid woman

  • * he shivered from the cold

  • * a cold trail

  • * a cold bluish grey

  • * cold in his grave

  • * dinner has gotten cold

  • * the concert left me cold

  • * will they never find a cure for the common cold?

  • * cold fury gripped him

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